2018 Induction Ceremony & Reception

2018 Induction Ceremony Inductees
All Awardees (L to R): Veronica Richards, Emily Klann, Janet Brishke, Dr. Andre Espaillat, Dr. Mary Ellen Young, Jazmina Quintana, PHHP Dean Michael Perri, Carlyn Ellison, Brandace Stone, Dr. Heather Anderson, Kendra Auguste, Dr. Meera Chandra

The UF Chapter of Delta Omega, Beta Upsilon, held its annual luncheon and inductions of new members on May 3 at Sweetwater Branch Inn.

  • This year’s faculty inductee was Dr. Mary Ellen Young, from the Department of Occupational Therapy and the Social and Behavioral Sciences program.
  • Six new alumni members were inducted: Kendra Auguste (MPH in PHMP, ‘13), Janet Brishke (MPH in SBS, ’08), Maria Mejia de Grubb (MPH in PHP, ’10), Emily Jones (MPH in Epi, ’13), Ian Kracalik (MPH in Epi, ’12), and Chad Neilsen (MPH in Epi, ’09).
  • Eleven new student members were inducted: Heather Anderson (MPH in PHP, ’17), Meera Chandra (MPH in PHP, ’18), Carlyn Ellison (MPH in SBS, ’18), Andre Espaillat (MPH in PHP, ’18), Phillip Hahn (MPH in Epi, ’17), Romina Hennig (MPH in PHP, ’17), Emily Klann (MPH in Epi, ’18), Donald Neiffer (MHS in One Health, ’17), Jazmine Quintana (MPH in SBS, ’18), Veronica Richards (MPH in Epi, ’18), and Brandace Stone (MPH in SBS, ’18).
  • Jeff Feller, CEO of WellFlorida Council, was recognized with the Public Health Champions Award.