ΔΩ Delta Omega Society
Beta Upsilon Chapter
University of Florida


In accordance with the constitution and Bylaws of Delta Omega, the Beta Upsilon Chapter hereby promulgates the following Bylaws.

  1. Members
    a. Active members
    Active members of the Chapter will be elected by the Chapter Council during a meeting held in February of each year. They shall be chosen with due regard to their scholarly attainments and the honorary character of the Chapter and the Society. As provided for below, members who have been previously elected as students, faculty or alumni shall hereafter have the status of active members. Active members of the Chapter shall be entitled to vote upon the affairs of the Chapter.

1. Student members

a. In order to be eligible for active membership in the Society and the Chapter, a student shall:

1)  be enrolled in the last year of the UF Bachelor of Public Health program and be in the last grading period leading to a bachelor’s degree in public health; or possess a bachelor’s degree, or a degree equivalent to or higher than the bachelor’s degree and
2)  be in the last grading period leading to an advanced degree in public health;


3) shall intend, so far as can be ascertained, to follow a career in public health.

b. Not more than twenty percent (20%) of the eligible graduate students and ten percent (10%) of eligible undergraduate students can be elected to membership in a given calendar year. Those elected shall be from the upper fifty percent (50%) in class standing and have demonstrated real or potential qualities of leadership and a commitment to public health service in the university and/or larger community in addition to academic excellence. The total student group from which the selections are made shall include resident and online students who are candidates for or who have received a degree in public health during the current or previous academic year. The student group from which elections are made shall not include those people who are already members of Delta Omega.

The term “advanced degree in public health” as used in these bylaws refers to any masters or doctoral degrees in Public Health, Epidemiology, Biostatistics, or Environmental and Global Health offered by the College of Public Health and Health Professions at the University of Florida.

2. Faculty members

Eligible faculty members shall be faculty in the College of Public Health and Health Professions; adjunct faculty may not be appointed as faculty members. Members of the faculty shall be selected by a nominating committee of at least three members appointed by the chapter president. This selection committee will give particular attention to outstanding public health performance in scholarship, teaching, research, and the quality of publications through a careful review of the curricula vitarum. The total number of faculty members elected in any one year may not exceed 3% of the full-time faculty (a minimum of 1 is allowed each year).

3. Alumni members

Each year, the chapter may elect to membership a number of graduates of the college whose work in the practice of public health would serve as a model for future graduates of the College. The Chapter may induct alumni members in an amount not to exceed half of that allowed for graduate student induction for that year. Regardless of this calculation, the Chapter will have the option to induct at least 5 alumni members annually.

b. Honorary members
This membership shall be limited to three the first year the Chapter is active and limited to the greater of one or 5% of the allowed student member inductions every year thereafter and conferred only upon persons possessing exceptional qualifications, who have attained meritorious distinction in the field of public health. Honorary members will be elected by a majority vote of Chapter Council.

c. The Beta Upsilon Chapter will accept transfer of membership from any active member of Delta Omega who was initially inducted into another chapter. Requests for transfer should be made in writing to the President of the chapter. The national office will be notified by the chapter and the individual of the change for record-keeping purposes.

2. Chapter Administration and Responsibilities

a. Chapter officers, including a President, President-elect, Immediate-Past President, and two members-at-large shall be elected by a ballot by the active members of the Chapter present and voting during the annual meeting. In the event that the President ceases to hold office for any reason, the President-elect shall succeed to the office of the President. Vacancies occurring in other offices shall be filled via appointment by the remaining members of the Executive Committee and will serve until the next election by the Chapter.

b. Responsibilities of officers:

1) President: Overall leadership; chair annual meeting and induction ceremonies; arrange speaker for induction ceremony; appoint nomination committee annually and ad hoc committees as necessary

2) President-elect: Oversee election of new members; organize induction ceremony

3) Immediate Past-President: Advise the current President

4) At-large officers: Organize at least one day of service either in early fall or during Public Health Week in the spring

5) Executive secretary: liaise between the chapter and the college, and between the chapter and the national office; maintain Chapter records on activities and members; Represent Chapter on National Council (ASPPH)

c. As soon as possible after the chapter elects its new members, the executive secretary of the Beta Upsilon Chapter shall transmit to the Executive Secretary at the National Office (a) the names of those elected and the advanced degree in public health each will probably receive or have received at the end of the current or previous academic year; and (b) a statement of the total number of students each of whom will probably receive or have received an advanced degree in public health during the current academic year at this institution. A copy of this information shall be sent to each member of the National Council by Delta Omega Executive Secretary before the next annual meeting.

d. Each year the Chapter will sponsor a new member induction ceremony, an invited speaker who represents excellence in public health, a meeting of Chapter members and at least one day of service in the community. Plans for these activities will be initiated during the annual meeting of the Chapter in the year before they are implemented.

3. Dues
The Chapter will pay the national induction fees for new members. For each new member elected the Executive Secretary shall transmit dues to the National Office, part of which shall be used to pay for the required certificate of membership for the newly elected member. Induction dues rates are set by the National Society. The Beta Upsilon Chapter does not have a separate dues structure, but has the authority to establish one as a revision to these Bylaws.

4. Electronic Voting
Any vote required for any action by the Beta Upsilon Chapter Council or any authorized Committee may be taken by any electronic means. This shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, electronic mail (e-mail), texting, or such similar technology. Any required notice shall state the latest time and date by which a vote by electronic means shall be valid. Any action taken and voted upon by such electronic means shall have the same force and effect as if a regular meeting had taken place.

5. Amendments
These Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the members of the Chapter who attend the annual meeting.

6. Implementation
Implementation of these Bylaws and of the Constitution of the Chapter shall be guided by policies and procedures developed and updated, as necessary, by the officers of the Chapter.


Adopted by the Delta Omega Beta Upsilon Chapter, November 30, 2015. (Updated 2/2022)