2013 Banquet and Induction Photo Gallery


Socializing before dinner
Dr. Parham Hopson addressing the attendees
Our 2013 Faculty Inductees: (L to R) Xiaohui Xu, Tara Sabo-Atwood, and Tracey Barnett
Past-President Mary Peoples-Sheps introduces guest speaker Dr. Deborah Parham Hopson
Current President Cindy Prins
Our 2013 student inductees: (L toR) Jane Benton, Cailin Wetzel, Sarah Bruner, Marissa Valentine, Bonnie Lam, and Steven Cassle; Not Pictured: Alyssa Cohen and Kelly Kenzik
Our 2013 Alumni inductees: (L to R) Helena Chapman, Corrine Ruktanonchai, Dawn Alayon, Farheen Akbar; Not Pictured: Slande Celeste
Student inductee Bonnie Lam
Student inductee Cailin Wetzel
Alumnae inductee Corrine Ruktanonchai
Alumnae inductee Dawn Alayon
Our 2013 Honorary Inductee Glenn Morris, with Cindy Prins and Student Representative Cuc Tran
Alumnae inductee Helena Chapman with Cindy prins, Barbara Curbow, and Faculty Representative Robert Cook
Student inductee Jane Benton
Student inductee Marissa Valentine
Student inductee Sarah Bruner with Cindy Prins and Beta Upsilon Student representative Eric Soule
Alumnae inductee Slande Celeste
Student inductee Steven Cassle
Faculty inductee Tara Sabo-Attwood
Faculty inductee Tracey Barnett with Cindy Prins, President-Elect Linda Cottler, and Mary Peoples-Sheps
Faculty inductee Xiaohui Xu
Alumnae inductee Farheen Akbar with Past-President Barbara Curbow