Delta Omega Day of Service 2012

Delta Omega Day of Service – 2012

On April 6, 2012, Delta Omega Alumni Representative, Cuc Tran,MPH, led a team of public health students in a Day of Service at the Boys and Girls Club of Gainesville.  Over 50 children, 5-17 years of age, came to the Health Day event, which included a wide range of activities, such as:

  • Drawing what public health means
  • Identifying mystery fruits and veggies in a cardboard box
  • Flu vs. Vaccination tag
  • Planting a fruit garden (banana and fig trees).

Healthy foods were served and prizes were awarded to the children.  The organizers were also able to donate sporting equipment the club needed. At the end of the day,  organizers gave away bags of bananas, multigrain bread/waffles, and healthy prepared food for the children to take home.

This event was possible thanks to the partnership among the Woodland Boys and Girls Club, Beta Upsilon Chapter of Delta Omega, Department of Behavioral Science and Community Health, Bread of the Mighty Food Bank, and the UF Public Health Student Association.  Special thanks to Cuc Tran, Kim Janvier, Jessica Rowland, and Daphney Degand for their leadership.

Click here for a gallery of pictures from this event.