2017 Inductees

Alumni Inductees

2017 Alumni Inductees

Pictured: Dr. Steven Smith and Johanna Pringle

Not pictured: Dr. Van Brass II and Dr. Elizabeth Wood

Faculty Inductees

2017 Faculty Inductees

Pictured: Dr. Joseph Bisesi

Not pictured: Dr. Anthony Maurelli, Dr. Susan McGorray

Student Inductees

2017 Student Inductees

Front row left to right: Akemi Wijayabahu, Hsiaochu Hsu, Laura Ramirez, Karen Restrepo, Cara McDonnell, Aleksandra Gasparova

Back row left to right: Brittney Roth, Makyba Charles-Ayinde, Kelsea LeBeau

Not pictured: Donna Carden, Haley Rademacher